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​​Portraiture has become one of my favourite photographic pursuits.  Finding the appropriate balance between lighting, posing and expression to capture the subject's beauty and character is a wonderful challenge I relish.  


My black and white photography focuses on expression and the beauty of the face.


My colour photography is more about storytelling, relationships and interpersonal connections.  The subjects are still the main focus of the photograph but the story unfolds via the background, the lighting and the mood of the image. 


All available styles are photographed with the goal of "Timeless" in mind.  I want to capture a portrait that will have impact today, tomorrow and twenty years from now.  


I will be the first to admit I don't always follows daily or weekly trends.  I do however follow artistic trends that have stood the test of time and extended human scrutiny.

All portrait sessions include a planning session (phone or email) to establish the goal of our time together, a wardrobe consultation, and an end product discussion.  The more information I have in advance of photographing your session, the easier it is for me to ensure you have an amazing experience that culminates with the fulfillment of your portrait goal.


© Superior Images - Jarron Childs Photography

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