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I was born in a small town in .... ha ha, gotcha, no one needs to know that much information. I am a northern lad though; I like small towns, close knit community, and the fierce independence that is bred in the north. Having said that, I have a passion for travelling, and photographing what I find there, be it geographical, sociological or just plain weird and different.  I have a degree in Civil Engineering and consequently have a number of the traits that engineers share; intensity, drive, commitment to improve, and of course a healthy dose of OCD.


In my life travels I have also earned a degree in Education, which is where my current parking spot in life resides; teaching mathematics, physics and the meaning of life to droves of hormone-imbalanced teenagers. Don’t let anyone deceive you, it’s an awesome job, both challenging and rewarding in ways that are hard to describe. My photographic education is hardly formal; my apologies, no Fine Arts Degree here, although I often think it might be interesting to get one. I have learned my craft the old fashioned way; read alot, hang around other photographers, volunteer, and above all else, experiment with purpose (that is the engineer coming out). It’s been an interesting journey, and I look forward to all the new things I will learn in the years to come.


I am an active member of the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) and have earned my Masters of Photogarphic Arts (MPA 1st Bar) and fourteen national accreditations for photography . For those who are not aware of this organization, it’s basically the original guild hall for photographers in Canada. The logo on the side is your badge of honour; if you don’t pass their scrutiny in your work, you can’t show the logo; it’s one way to help maintain some standards in a field where literally anyone can call themselves a photographer if they own a camera.


This isn’t a dating service so I don’t have to reveal my favourite colour or food (blue and pizza), but when I am not shooting pics or teaching, I like to be outside climbing and paddling, or travelling to see new places or concerts. The rest I will let my photographs communicate.


Jarron Childs - MPA, 2nd Bar

© Superior Images - Jarron Childs Photography

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